Special Events

Special events include such times as weddings, school formals and public events. To put it simply, special events are exactly that – special and an event. It is by its very definition a notable time of life and Independent Hire Cars Australia agrees; there is no better time to demonstrate Indulgence.

You deserve this. The most remarkable stretch limousines to carouse in with your friends on the way to a party, or simply on a tour of the city at night.

The hungry roar of a sleek, aggressively-angled performance vehicle you travel towards your destination in, bellowing its war-cries to all those who witness your eye-catching arrival.

The subtle yet domineering presence of a high-class luxury European sedan providing you a snappy declaration of self-assured presence, as if to suggest ‘I have nothing to prove to you’.

But we are aware that not all special events are indulgent and glorious. Sometimes they are sombre events. They could be a celebration, yet expectant of class and professionalism, such as a wedding or anniversary. They simply could require no announcement at all, such as a social event like a big sports event or music concert. We treat every situation we face with the appropriate levels of decorum.